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JR Compliance

JR Compliance & TESTING LABS is compliance and legal service provider.
We provide the IT and telecom equipment manufacturers to get their products certified from BIS, India along Product Testing and Type Approval Services from WPC, India. Born out of a passion for adding value to the business, problem solving and a determination to deliver practical advice to businesses of all sizes.
Ensuring a high level of satisfaction among our customers and partners is a core component of business here at JR Compliance & Testing Labs.


About Us


Provide superior regulatory and certification services by providing a turn key testing and certifying system.
We strive to proceed in an expedient and efficient manner in order to meet the client’s time constraints without compromising accuracy of test methods and results.
Maintain a flexible, adaptable and positive attitude when handling a client’s project or request Provide timely accurate testing evaluation and engineering assistance.
Keep abreast of all industry changes in our area of expertise so as to always be able to provide our client with the most updated regulatory requirements.


Safety & EMC Testing Certification with Assistance of our Network Engineers. Considering our Services & Opportunity handed over to us, we assure you the Best of the Quality work with timely Delivery.

JR Compliance Provides one stop solutions for Testing of Electronics & IT Products along with Safety Testing of Electronic & Household Products.


BIS Registration

Effective April 3rd, 2013 the Indian Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEIT) issued the Compulsory Registration Order 2012. Certain products are now required to comply with Indian safety standards and obtain BIS Registration for electronic products before they can be imported, distributed or sold into India.

The number of product categories is quickly expanding. JR Compliance can determine if your productscurrently require BIS certification for imported goods and Online BIS certificate in India.

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WPC License & Approval

The Wireless Planning and Coordination wing of India's Department of Telecommunications issues approval of radio devices operating in unlicensed frequency bands. Generally, approval is based on review of foreign standard test reports and approval certificates. Radio devices operating in licensed frequency bands require a separate set of licenses.

For radio equipment that operates in licensed frequency bands the importers, dealers and users of the equipment must obtain licenses from WPC.

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BEE Testing & Approval

BEE- Bureau of Energy Efficiency ( BEE ) grants STAR RATING of appliances depending upon their energy efficient design and performance.

Greater the number of STARS, better is the performance. It is an added sales point by creating an edge over others.

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Company Incorporation

Incorporating is essential to the success of any business. The process of incorporating entails the preparation of certain documents, including a document referred to as the "Articles of Incorporation," and filing the documents with the Secretary of State. (For an LLC, the main document used to incorporate is referred to as the “Articles of Organization.”)

Incorporating online will take you about ten minutes and will cost you a fraction of what it would cost if you used a lawyer. We will walk you through the process, and enable you to effectively incorporate your business based on your business's specific needs.

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GST Registration

The procedure of GST Registration generally takes 2-6 working days to get done. All you need to file an application with the department and sign it with your digital signature.

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Trademark Registration

Trademark law in India is well-settled and offers a robust protection and enforcement regime for right holders. Trademark is a “brand” or “logo” that you can use to distinguish your product from those of your competitors. Through trademark registration or you can say logo registration/brand registration, you can protect your brand or logo by restricting other people from using the same. For e.g. the logo of NIKE and their tagline JUST DO IT is a registered brand name.

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